About us

Rwanda, Shima Imana !

In our hearts, wecarrymemories. We, the people and friends of Rwanda, have distinctly seen how far God has brought us and our beloved country. In our hearts, we always remember God’s wondrousdeedson behalf ofour nation ; we don’t forget His benefits and we bless His holy name. In our hearts weindeedknow God and we’re full of thanksgiving. Over and over again,the tune of our country’s heart beats "Thank you !"

In the hearts of the Rwandan people, we are grateful for so many things :

  • We are grateful for our new identity : "Rwanda has a new identity", "a new brand" that evokes hope, prosperity, growth and cleanliness.
  • We are grateful for rising out of the complete devastation of a failed state, a "dark past" plagued with extreme poverty, political instability, poor governance, mass killings and genocide.

Now Rwanda is on the world stage yet again—this time with a new look and legacy !

  • We are grateful for the ‘one million more’ out of poverty over the last couple of years.

Not only out of economic poverty, but also out of spiritual bondage.

  • We are grateful as we consider the things we now ownthat are of value : our growing sense of dignity, self-reliance, resilience, hard work and unity. These are our imperishable values, which we derive from God.
  • We are grateful for the peace, stability and prosperity in our land.
  • We are grateful for the role of the Church in rebuilding Rwanda.

Freedom of worship and a wholisticdevelopment mandate. The Church of Christ continues to play a vital role ofreconciling people with their Creator and with one another.

  • We are eternally grateful for the souls that have cometo know God’s love, accepted his forgiveness, experienced salvation and now live to glorify God and serve the society with impact.
  • We are grateful for the ability to forgive and move forward. The grace to acknowledge the pain and the offence and still push forward, so that we may learn from it and build a healthier tomorrow !
  • We are grateful for our growing economy, healthcare system and infrastructure development.
  • We are grateful for the men and women of Rwanda :
    - for our hard-workingfarmers who enjoy a bountiful harvest ;
    - for ourdedicated and willingteachers who always go the extra mile ;
    - for our courageoustroops (army and police) who serve so selflessly for thesecurity and peaceof all at home and abroad ;
    - for ourinnovative entrepreneurs and investors who make their dreams come true while creating jobs for others ;
    - for ourdiligent civil servants who always ensure that our people’s welfare is at its best ; and,
    - for visionary leaders, pastors, judges, doctors, journalists, sportsmen and families.

Amahoro StadiumRwanda Shima Imana 2015

Rwanda, let your light shine, shine for all Nations.